Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maple Sugaring

Yesterday we went on a little outing to New Hampshire to a Maple Farm. We had a great time once we made it (40 minutes late)... gabbing like crazy to your navigator is never a good thing! We ate an amazing breakfast with fresh, pure maple syrup in this totally rustic restaurant, then had a little tour on maple sugaring. Notice we are still in jackets and lots of layers, booo!

Here is part of our group

We found out that it taks 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup. So much work!
It was so nice to get out of the city for the morning and hang out in the woods. Once we got close to the farm, you can see that half the town had little taps on trees in their yards. So  neato.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A night I will NEVER forget!

I'd like to announce that after just under nine years of being married to a perpetual student, Josh has gotten a JOB!! He got a job with a consulting firm in Massachusetts so it looks like we'll be east coasters for a little longer. So far the plan is to stay exactly where we are at for a year to save money, then buy a home in the Needham area where Josh's work will be. We got the call at 10:30 pm on Friday night. We got Noah and Charlie out of bed to celebrate with some sparkling cider in the hallway. Presley was too far off into dreamland. I bought the cider the day before just in case Josh got the job. I was so worried we wouldn't get a chance to open it! Three cheers for Josh!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Photography News

Since January, I've had an intern from the New England Institute of Art working with me. She has been so much fun. I really lucked out. Hannah's been helping me with everything from photo editing to second shooting. We have been having lots of fun coming up with our latest venture: a photography workshop! We are holding it April 16th. If you want some personalized help with your camera and photo skills, shoot me an email!

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Green Day

March 17th in the Boston area is St. Patrick's Day and Evacuation Day. The kids had school off so we went to the park with friends then we ate at a place called Clover. I brought my camera along since it isn't too often that I have all the kiddos together during the day. They are growing like weeds (or Plants ha ha!)

Noah has actually lost his two front teeth now (can you see the holes?!). The era of tiny teeth is coming to an end. Bittersweet.
Everyone was so happy, enjoying the warm sunshine. We came home, played in the mud, then got the bikes out and rode to another park. I am so excited for spring now!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Luck O' the Irish

We were lucky enough to have a real fun St. Patricks Day party at our house this morning. We hosted play group and had games, crafts, and food. I got the idea for the craft at Oh Happy Day. Nothing cuter than little kids with beards!

 my door sign
 We played "pin the gold on the pot!" and hunted for shamrocks all over the house.
Then we ate lots of green things! (and pizza)
It just seems like you MUST celebrate St. Patty's if you live in Boston. Yay for fun with friends!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

mid March funk & love

Are you ever just totally touched by someone's blog? I'm so glad there is enough uplifting stuff out there on the world wide web to outweigh some of the negative. My friend has this blog that completely stops me in my tracks when I read her stories. If you don't already read This Little Miggy Stayed Home, you might want to add it to your google reader!

This week was one of those off weeks for us. Reading Miggy's blog reminded me of how much love we have for our kids and how love can get us through so much. The week was pretty off because we cannot get our after school routine straight! 
Here are elements for a perfect storm after school:
  1. hunger
  2. exhaustion
  3. a need to "vent"
  4. anxiousness to not miss out on fun
Number 3- I think kids hold back a lot of emotion at school. When they see mom, they want to unload it all (yipppee:/)
Number 4- My kids will see other kids heading to the park, the treat store, or play dates and so the begging begins!! It's a frantic race to track down friends before they leave for a play date or a deep breath to deal with standing in the cold for 30 minutes so the park can be marked off the checklist.

I had a moment, when it all seemed to calm down (once we got home and fed) where I thought how lucky I am that these guys are so great. I love them, they love me, and they love each other (even after destroying each others' lego creations!) Now I have the weekend to come up with a better afternoon strategy. In mom land, preparedness never hurts. I'll let you know how it goes.

Charlie is practically on Noah's lap, trying to be a part of everything Noah's doing. 

...Also, another fun blog to check out is Teaplant Photography. Ever heard of it?? ;) I just updated with a cute, cute, newborn post.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


On Thursday, Charlie was sick so we stayed in the house all day long. We spent most of the time in the kids' bedroom. I cleaned while Charlie put together Lego men with the pieces I'd find scattered throughout the place. It seemed like magic that we got the place clean when it was such a disaster to begin with. (I know, I should've had the kids do all the cleaning, but sometimes I want it my own way, and Charlie was responsible for most of the mess so I didn't want Noah and Presley have to suffer because of it!)

Check out Presley. This is her "make over" station. She handed me a a card that read "MAKOGR" which was my coupon to get in. I had to wait in the "waiting room" (hallway) while she set up. 

 I don't expect to get this room on any design blogs! It has that "lived in" feel for sure. I have to say, that when it's clean it feels like a magical place. Everyone wants to be in there. The kids enjoy playing with their toys more and have enough room to spread out with things. Our technique with the Legos is to dump them on the rug so we can clean up easier by folding up the rug and pouring the Legos back in the bin.
 Charlie is pointing to his latest OBSESSION. These Lego men and moving them all over this Lego structure. Lucky for him, Noah has been very generous and now lets Charlie touch these guys. Charlie has earned his trust since he cares more about them being safe than anyone!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scout it out!

It's official, we have a Cub Scout in our midst! Noah started scouts a few weeks ago and we just got his new digs. I spent the day applying badges yesterday. It took 3 hours to get two on! I thought it would be a snap, bit OH, NO! It probably also took so long because I had a clingy, sick Charlie following me all day. Poor guy. Him and runny noses really don't get along. He yells at his nose saying, "hey, stop it!" when it runs. 

Charlie got a little brother scout shirt and Pres just has this girl scout tee from Old Navy. Last night we all went to scouts as a family and Noah did his activity while the rest of us played basketball in the gym. I think I'm really LOVING having an almost 8 year old.

I have to share some other almost 8 year old blessings. we visited some elderly people the other night and prepped the kids in the car before we went in to meet the "grandpas and grandmas". We told them to speak loudly and clearly and to be extra friendly because we wanted to cheer them up. Noah really surprised me with how well he did at this. He introduced himself and his siblings very clearly. He was polite and even told them he was having fun. I was so so proud. I learned a lot from him that night. (I was pretty much kicking and screaming when I heard we were visiting a nursing home for a family night activity--so glad we went, though!)