Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's a GIRL!!

I have been meaning to post about the exciting news!! I hit up instragram and facebook the day we found out, but the blog suffers! :/ We kept Noah and Presley home the morning of the ultrasound so the whole family could be there. I was worried Josh would be out of town, but luckily his flight wasn't until afternoon.

When we went in and the technician started whirling the Ultrasound wand over my belly, it was apparent that this little chickie was VERY active. It was like she was playing tag with us! It took awhile to be able to determine her gender. Josh thought he knew pretty quickly, but he guessed wrong. Then for a second, the little tyke held still and there it was in plain sight, A GIRL!

I burst into tears. Then I looked over at Presley and cried some more. So happy for Pres to get a sister! She has wanted one for so long. I didn't think we were even going to have any more kids. Josh was the one who brought the idea up. I was on board instantly (after I made him promise to be helpful with diaper duty, etc.)

Today I am 23 weeks along. I am sitting here at the computer and I need to paint some trim (I am taking advantage of every nesting urge I get!!), but baby is moving so much I just want to sit and observe. It is the greatest feeling ever! She is healthy and doing great! The doc said my placenta is low so she is going to check it's progress with another ultrasound in a couple of weeks. I also have low blood pressure (it's on the low side of normal). It makes me a little dizzy when I move too suddenly, but other than that, all is great, blissful, amazing.
22 week belly shot with cousin Jack helping to clean the mirror :)

My shadow at the park

Sitting in your future bedroom to be shared with big sis:)
Cecilia "CC"
Alexandria "Andie"
Luella "lula" 
Mabel "may"
Lucille "lula"
Georgia "Gigi"
Sabine "beanie"
Mabeline "Mae" "mabel" 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

We had such a wonderful Easter this year!! It felt so spiritual to me. In Primary we spent the month really talking in depth about the Savior. The kids were asking us all sorts of questions about the resurrection and about Jesus. Noah's questions can be so complicated he says "they make my brain hurt." 
We spent Good Friday at Al and TK's where we had a Passover dinner. This is our second annual with them. It was really special. We joked around a lot before it started, but once we got going, the kids were attentive and I think we all learned a lot and felt the spirit. 
Charlie and I had a fun morning making Grandma Burnidge's recipe, "Berries in a Cloud" for the dessert. I kept thinking a lot about our relatives that had passed away. I'm so grateful for the resurrection.
 Here we are at the dinner. We got dressed up and it made the whole thing feel more sacred. There is a lot of talk about the coming of Elijah in the Seder Dinner. As Mormons, we believe Elijah has already come. He has introduced us to temple work for our ancestors "turning the hearts of the children to their fathers." I believe that the all who have lived and all who will live on this earth are important to the Lord. 
Then on Sunday came Easter!! It was so fun to have Easter morning in our new house. Josh and I cleaned  the downstairs while Charlie worked his little heart out to clean his room. He was so proud. The easter bunny brought the kids books, candy, and some cute items to wear to church. 
Noah was really wanting some more "Big Nate" books to add to his collection. He read both books in one day. They totally make him laugh. He said he likes the character, Nate, better than Greg in Diary of a Whimpy Kid because Nate is more athletic. Noah loves to relate to the characters. He quit reading Harry Potter when Harry started growing up too much for him. Too much emotion in those teen years!! 
 Boston helped out in the egg hunt. The kids were either in jammies or clothes they had slept in! We had a late night at grandparents' house on Easter Eve. SO FUN to live by family!! Noah keeps noticing how when we lived in Boston we had to do without so many things. He thinks it taught him to appreciate things. I don't know if Presley and Charlie will remember enough of Boston. 
 Noah was so tired. He couldn't get himself to find many eggs.
Presley was the total opposite. We had to hold her back to save some eggs for the others!!
After that we had dinner in Cedar Hills with Josh's parents and siblings. We are still enjoying the fact that Josh is in town after a long business trip last week. It just made Easter even better to have him around.