Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rice Cakes+Shaving Cream= :)

I did the cutest lesson in Joy School today. It was the "Spontaneous Delight" lesson that called for lots of chaos and craziness. My little troops were up for the challenge. They had so much fun! I forgot how thrilling it is for a kid to get to play with their food! I think smiling rice cakes actually taste better than regular ones.

Then of course we painted with shaving cream, with our feet! This is quality education here people! This is what goes on at Harvard (property)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A full day

It started as just a beautiful day for apple picking. Presley, Charlie, and I met a couple girls from church play group to Honey Pot Farms to check out farm animals and pick some apples. The whole drive up Pres and I were pointing out the pretty colors on the trees. I have grown to really love fall. I do still stick by summer as my fave, but fall is coming in a close second.

We got there early, had some donuts and checked out the animals. It was so fun. I love getting into the spirit of the season, no matter what season. I think it gets worse and worse as the kids grow.
We grabbed a bag to fill with apples and when we got to the orchard Presley had that thing filled within minutes. She did all the work. Those apples were heavy!
Charlie REALLY loved the animals. The goats climbed up ramps and stood on platforms.
The three little pigs' houses:

After that we picked up Noah early from school for his and PK's birthday check-ups at the doctor. Poor PK wound up getting six shots!!

When we picked up Josh we made a spontaneous trip to get the kids their first bikes! That cheered PK up!

Josh spent part of last night and all morning teaching Noah to ride without training wheels. He is a pro now! It's so cute. He looks so tiny on this bike, zooming around.

Charlie's cutest new thing is blowing on food to cool it off. He was blowing on his Cheerios the other day! He is also starting to fold his arms and babble for prayers. Love it!

Monday, September 21, 2009

My, what big teeth you have...

Can you guess what my pink -loving princess has decided to be for Halloween? I can't believe it. We went costume shopping and she fell in love with a Vampiress costume! It is darling on her. I am so excited that she is stepping away from her same ole princess get ups. We are looking forward to Halloween in our neighborhood this year. We will be going to some popular streets that go all out with themes and everything.

At first the teeth scared Presley and now I have to bribe her not to wear them to the grocery store and on any of our other various errands!

Friday, September 11, 2009

first day of school

Here is Noah on his first day of first grade!
crazy kid!!

Pres had already started Joy School last week, but she is sure pretty, eh?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Beehive

If Josh and I were to renew our vows...

...we'd do it at the
Beehive! I just shot photos for a wedding at this venue downtown called the Beehive. It was totally set up for a punk show. Stage and all. I am dying to get a blogging, but have confined myself to photo-editing so I can get my work to the clients. I took a little break to post some of my trial shots (in polaroid form). Noah was my little model to help test lighting.

One shirly temple on the rocks~Yes, my six year old is sitting at the bar! I was loving the bathrooms. I so wished the bride got ready there!