Sunday, May 13, 2012

Little Slugger

Presley has her softball games at 8 am every Saturday. It's brutal! I have to peel her out of bed to go. Yesterday, just her and I went and had so much fun! She is becoming very fond of the base running. Just like her momma!! I am beaming with pride.  I video taped her first official get-on-base hit. It was so cute. Pardon my screaming ;)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Us in Utah

We are settling in! We have been going to soccer and softball games every weekend. Noah is in a coed league with mostly players younger than him, and loving being a ball hog! Presley on the other hand seems to be the youngest kid in her whole softball league! I am realizing softball is definitely meant for older kids. There just isn't enough action for the little ones.

 Since we are settling in, there seems to be more time to relax (YAAAY!!!) I love my job. They are so accommodating to me with the kids. I think they love me back too, which is the really great thing. I get to make up fun art lessons and be the exciting art teacher to six different age groups, twice a week. They video taped me last week for a video to go on the website. I will have to post a link when it gets up.

Here is our fam enjoying a 73 degree evening with a new soccer ball and softball. Don't Presley and Josh look alike here?
 Yes, I am one of those moms living vicariously through my kiddo!! Ha ha!
 Then there is our new family member, Boston! Isn't he so adorable. We have been dreaming of owning a boxer for years. We started talking seriously about getting Boss when the kids just seemed so lonely and homesick for Cambridge. He has been a great fit. (A lot of work, DON'T GET ME WRONG!)
The progression of Charlie and Boston's physical relationship!:

 Pardon the blurries and darkies. It's either crappy pics or no pics around here folks!! Josh has a new laptop that GASP does not have photoshop. It is currently our only computer. Now you can see all my straight out of camera blunders;) TTFN.
P.S. Congrats to Josh's little brother, Justin who is now engaged and will be married in August!! So happy for him and Hailie!