Friday, September 20, 2013

Kiddo Rooms

The first rooms we worked on in this house were the kids' rooms. I think mainly becauseI felt bad that the boys had to deal with Winnie the Pooh wall paper. Also their blinds had fallen off within days of us moving in.
here is Noah and Charlie's room:

 Here is Mabel and Presley's room:

 I am still working on toy storage and more shelves, but the changes we have made, definitely make these rooms feel like they are OUR kids'.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Presley's Baptism

Presley and Bryanna decided to get baptized on the same day. We had a great time. Josh was out of town all week prior and he made it just in time to dunk our little gal. I was due to have Mabel one week later. It was a crazy week! Here are the email invitations we sent out:
Here is my favorite photo of Presley taken a few weeks prior to the baptism at the Provo temple.
We had an amazing luncheon at our house afterwards. Aaron brought in four long table from his old work and we put them all throughout the lower level of the house. Thank goodness we didn't have much furniture! 
 Denise made a dipped strawberry cake (making Bry and PK's dessert dreams come true!!) and Aaron made gigantic sea salted chocolate chip cookies. Costco made a key lime pie ;).
 We did a lot of eating!!

It was a fabulous day! I'm so proud of Presley for working so hard to make good choices. She has such a desire to be a good person. She loves to help littler kids and make sure everyone is happy. It is her favorite thing when friends are over to fill little cups with lemonade and make popcorn to put in individual baggies for everyone. Her sweet heart just melts me. I love you Pres!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mabel's first days

Getting the camera out hasn't been very easy with little Mae. I have been snapping shots here and there, but I have so little time to go through photos let alone edit anything. I think Mabel is growing so incredibly fast. She doesn't even look like this teeny girl any more. Here are some photos of her first two weeks. Here belly button cord stayed longer than any of our kiddos. She had it for two and a half weeks! it made her seem new a little longer.

I totally love the milky lips!! 
You have to see the full spectrum of emotions!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Mabel Sonya Plant

Born: August 6, 2013
at 2:33 pm
Weight: 7 lbs 6oz
Length: 20 inches

We couldn't be more grateful for this little stinker! She is healthy and doing great.

Here is the Birth Story:

Josh had been traveling quite a bit for work and my doctor (Heather Harrison) asked me if I would like to be induced.I told her yes. Secretly in the back of my mind I just wanted little Mae to come early and force Josh to rush home on the first flight he could find!! But Mabel wasn't ready to come early. On Saturday, August 3rd we had all the family over for Presley's baptism. Grandpa Burnidge was even in town. I moved tables, decorated, and worked my tail off to get ready for this. I thought it might help me get Mabel here. No luck. We scheduled her induction for that following Tuesday because that worked best for the doctor.

On Sunday, we had dinner at Al and TK's. Annalee and I went for a "curb walk"where one of my feet walked on a curb and the other on the street. It was strenuous! Apparently it's supposed to help you go into labor. We were hoping I could go into labor and force grandpa and Judy to stay in town a little longer. Monday I started to feel like I was leaking fluids, but no big gush. On Monday night we took Noah, Presley, and Charlie to Jason and Jennie's to spend the night. While there, chatting with Jason and visiting their neighbor's puppies, I felt a few little gushes of fluid. Josh and I went home and went to bed. I waited to feel contractions and got nothing.

At 6:30 am the next morning, we went to the hospital for my induction. The place was empty. I got started on the pitocin and could feel some contractions. We never found out for sure if my water had broken. It broke either while I was being checked or the night before. Who knows. Soon TK arrived as did Denise. Annalee was awesome enough to offer to take D's kids for the day. By around 11, I was getting ready for an epidural and Josh called Jason to come for his lunch break and help give me a blessing. It gave me so much comfort. Mabel's heart rate was going up and down so the nurse slowed my labor by turning off the pitocin. Josh checked and she had it cranked really high. I was worried it would make everything take really long, but my doctor came in and said she had a feeling the baby would come by 3 pm. By 2 pm I was actually ready to push! I couldn't believe it. I pushed probably 5-10 times and out came little Mae. I was sobbing like crazy!! It was such a powerful experience. It literally took my breath away! Actually it took Mabel's breath away too! She was pretty blue and had tons of fluid in her nose, mouth and lungs. I didn't get to hold her right away because they had a pediatrician come in and suction the heck out of Mae. TK was taking pictures and getting peeks of her in the isolet for me. She said she was so cute.
Denise posted this on instagram. I adore this photo

Finally they gave Mabel to me and it was love at first sight. She seemed to look right in my eyes. I just wanted to nuzzle her all day. Mabel's first night in the hospital was a doozy! She was awake all night long!! Haha. I just let her lay by me and nurse and she worked and worked at getting my milk to come in. Josh had read an article on breastfeeding in the delivery room and he instantly became my lactation specialist (It was so funny!). His confidence and support totally helped because Mabel nursed like a champ! It was amazing to watch those little instincts kick in. The second night in the hospital was so much better.

Every day we are getting into more and more of a rhythm. I think the best word to describe having a newborn is INTENSE. There is a lot of weight on your shoulders to keep this little person alive and thriving. I don't know how I did it the first time with Noah and all the complications he had. Even now as an experienced mom, I still get nervous at times. Luckily I have all the best helpers in the world. Noah, Presley, Charlie, Josh, denise, Annalee, TK, Jennie, Hailie have all been awesome. We had wonderful meals brought to us, babysitting scheduled, fun visits, etc. We feel super blessed!!