Saturday, January 21, 2012

Go West...this is our Destiny

Salt Lake City, UT

Do you ever listen to the Pet Shop Boys? If not, you should. When I started college in utah and my "home base" was Michigan, my sister and I would take flights back and forth from Michigan to Utah for school breaks. Each time we flew to Utah, the song, Go West would pop into my head. Check it out for the best in computer graphics!

Speaking of going west, Josh and I decided we are picking up and moving to Utah! We feel so fortunate for the opportunity. Josh is quitting his job and getting back into science to do a post doc at the University of Utah. We will be living in Cedar Hills temporarily, then probably move up to Salt Lake. When we leave is uncertain. We'll see if we can get our current apartment rented

All this seems so sudden! Before Christmas things were getting unstable at Josh's work here in Boston. A big client had been lost and there has been talk of lay offs. The minute Josh went into business we both instantly missed science. I'm so excited for Josh to go back to it and work towards becoming a professor.

 Also a major plus is that we will get to be with these guys:
(don't mind Noah's dirty look!)
and these guys:

I can't even begin to list the people, places, and things I will miss in Boston. Our kids grew up here. This is the place we have lived the longest as a family. We came here on Noah's fourth birthday. Now he is practically a teenager! Being so far away from family, this is where we have made life long friends. So bittersweet.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Kiddos Today

I have been wanting to jot some things down about the kids so I don't forget. Being a mom can be SO exhausting, but all these little things about my kids bring me so much joy.


 Cub Scout night making cookies and getting covered in flour!

Always wears one long sleeved t-shirt and one short sleeved shirt on top. Never wears a coat--takes it of two steps in front of the school, never to put it back on again! Plays doge ball mostly at the park these days. I never want to forget how cute he is when he is on the sidelines. He jumps up and down with excitement while he watches the game. He can never stay mad at Charlie longer than a minute or two. If Charlie accidentally bonks him in the nose or something really painful like that, Noah will get furious at Charlie, but seconds later he apologizes for being mad. Not only does he like to beat Presley at games, but he want to annihilate her! We are working on this one. Poor Presley!! Noah loves graphic novels and reads a whole series in a few days. I can't keep up with his reading. He reads every night in bed before he falls asleep. When I check on him, he is always asleep laying on his right side with his arm resting on the side beam of his bed.


So affectionate. I know I can always count on getting hugs and love from her. She would drop everything to come snuggle with me in a heartbeat. She revealed a secret to me that she likes to pretend she's a teacher. We never know what toys to buy her for Christmas or Birthdays because she doesn't really play with toys!! It is so unique! She likes to draw or write or cut with scissors. She also likes books and is becoming more and more interested in reading. Presley is our observant child. It makes me think that I need to be very careful about what I do because a little somebody is always watching me!:) Presley is a sensitive girl, but she doesn't cry so much when she gets hurt. Blood doesn't freak her out. She cries more when she is mad or sad. Presley requires the most sleep of anyone in our family. She would sleep till 8:30 every morning if we let her.


Is really picking up a sense of humor. These days he is my walking blooper reel. He likes to bonk his head or pretend trip and make us laugh about it. He talks in a silly voice to recount a story. He is learning to communicate with his peers more and more. I am noticing they can play together in their little imaginations for longer stretches of time. There are much less arguments or fights because they aren't misunderstanding each other as much anymore. Charlie has this beaming smile that can light up my day. He likes to be with friends and do outings, but is more of a homebody and would prefer staying home, building his train tracks. He and Noah are usually the first to wake up in the morning, usually around 7 am. He likes to come into my bed all stealth like and I have no idea he is even there. He usually will fall back asleep. Instead of grinding his teeth, he STILL makes a sucking sound like he is nursing!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Year

Josh's brother, Justin was in town for New Years. He visited with his cute girlfriend, Hailie. We had a great time getting to know her and seeing Justin so happy. It was also great because Josh and I got to have some date nights! Justin got us all tickets to see the Nutcracker in Boston. We had a nice dinner and watched the show. It was a FUN night! I sat there and planned Presley's outfit for the next time Josh takes her to the ballet. The place was swarming with little girls all gussied up. I love the city at night too. 
Then on New Years Eve, our friends Sam and Kirstin took our kids overnight so we could celebrate late. Josh and I had an amazing dinner in the Fenway area, then we took the T to Boston Common and watched Mission Impossible with Justin and Hailie. After that we headed over to the Harbor to count down to the New Year and see the fireworks. It was fun to watch the reflections of the fireworks on the buildings.
I always get choked up when the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Eve. I don't know why. I think I'm totally sentimental. Here is Josh and I trying to keep warm at Faneuil Hall by Boston's Christmas tree. Check out my new Christmas jacket!

A big change in the New year is that Charlie has graduated from the Nursery at church! He is now in the big kid's class called Sunbeams. He was such a good little student, sitting quietly in his chair. Here he is right before church (it was a warm 48 degrees!)

Friday, January 6, 2012


I just had a birthday right after Christmas. It was a really great one with just my kids and Josh. 

At 33 This is what I know:

  • At some point between now and the summer, I will be moving out of student housing!!!
  • I should never leave my cooking toaster oven unattended.
  • I am way more obsessed with my kids than I ever thought I'd be. :)
  • I ran the equivalent of two marathons in the month of December.
  • I am NOT a neat freak.
  • I am actually really good with money when I am in charge of the budget.
  • I don't love cooking (yet).
  • I fell in love with Kevin from the Wonder Years. (He even has his own Wayne:)

At 33, here is what I want:

  • To find a new apartment or home that I feel at peace with.
  • To have a more optimistic perspective about people.
  • To not judge people based on first impressions (I am wrong too many times!)
  • To see my siblings more often.
Here's to making this a great year!!