Friday, December 19, 2008

What's in my camera

Keeping little bro entertained

Tis the season...

Last night we found out that today was a snow day. We woke up to absolutely NO SNOW. Then by 2 pm it was a blizzard!

This is just the beginning. We have about 8 inches now.

Everyone says Charlie looks like Presley

Sunday, December 14, 2008

still alive!

If you've been watching the news about the weather here in Boston, don't worry about us. We are the lucky ones to miss all the ice and power outages. It seems like there are all sorts of problems due to the weather in all the cities surrounding us, but we didn't experience any of that, Whew!

If I told you this was a restful weekend for us I'd be TOTALLY lying! Noah came down with strep throat and for some reason each kid decided to take turns getting up in the night to moan and groan. Josh and I are actually looking forward to the weekend being OVER! :) I took photos for the Ward Christmas party so PK, Charlie and I went. Presley got to sit on Santa's lap and tell him all about princess and ballet shoes. I don't know where the heck she came up with this year's requests. She is really into Christmas and Santa, the whole nine yards. She is constantly singing, "Santa Claus is coming to town..." It's nice to have Santa not coming as a threat to bad behavior. I'll be bummed when Christmas is over! PK is showing signs of the terrible threes. She just seems to be trying to test us to see how far she can push us. It's hard to take seriously because she's the little angel. She is pushing our buttons, though for sure!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmassing It Up

We have been busy getting in the Christmas spirit. We finished decorating for Christmas Saturday and Monday we made Christmas cookies. Noah and Presley wanted to wear costumes for their decorating.

Charlie watching from the sidelinesHere are the cookies that survived the grubby little hands.
We had the missionaries over to help frost and eat them.
Going overboard with the sprinkes.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Making Me Smile

Well, Charlie is another month older and growing as usual. I think it is near back-breaking to lift him in his car seat nowadays. He is sure getting more and more personality. We're thinking he may wind up as our football star. He loves being wrestled and his favorite toy is a plush football:)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa's Workshop

Finally we are done collecting supplies and now are hard at work on Christmas projects. Hopefully we will be ready for a trip to the post office tomorrow. Noah and Presley have been busy painting, glittering, sequining, giggling and of course bickering as we set out to make some special goodies for family and friends. We have had a visit with Santa and Presley has now told him, her friends, the family, and her dentist that she wants princess shoes and ballet shoes for Christmas. I think Santa's on that one;)


to just enjoy each others' company
We had a fabulous t-giving. It included (in bullets):
games (jenga, monopoly, and twister)
Lots of the yummy traditional food (Noah was thrilled to have so much mashed potatoes)
family- Presley was loving grandpa Burnidge to bits. She would not leave him alone, loved it! We went to Rhode Island to be with Josh's Aunt, Uncle Grandpa, and cousins
Movies- We saw Bolt, cute one with pretty good graphics. The kids were literally on the edge of their seats. We also watched the Grinch
ginger bread house making- we filled our bellies with as much sugar as we could. good times.
tree trimming
And now, the proof: