Monday, July 20, 2009

week one in UTAH!

Cousins reunited! Hanging out in great grandpa's RV. Making memories galore.

Waiting for Justin at the Airport. We made a "welcome home" banner in his mission language, Malay.

"There he is!!!!"

Justin saw his dad 160 pounds lighter.

...Then a chunky little nephew, Charlie. Meeting for the first time.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

more of Noah's day...

I attempted to make a LEGO cake! Check it out. I'll tell you how I did it because I know you are dying to try this at home! I used two bread pans for the cake batter then stacked OREOs for the little knobby things. Noah loved it:).

As a way to cheer Presley up (since it wasn't her b-day too) I let her help me frost. I think she ate more frosting than she actually frosted.

Here is a pic of Charlie as I was coming back into the house. Pardon all the finger prints. ick! But look at how anxious he is to see me and get out and be with his momma! Ahhh.

happy birthday NOAH!!!

I can't believe it was six years ago today that my life was changed forever. My first born came six weeks early and rescued me from a job a despised. It was such a profound thing to have a child of my own and feel that love and bond that is like no other. It has humbled me to know that my parents probably had the same experience. Gratitude towards them and towards a Father in Heaven who granted me this special gift and who must have that same love for me and all his children.
Where to begin about Noah. He went from a teeny, tiny premie to a rambunctious, exploring toddler, to a "dive right in" adventurous and fun little boy. Noah takes care of his siblings so well. He still sings the darth vader song at the top of his lungs when Charlie cries, thinking that is the key to cheering him up. This summer we have made a deal with Noah that if he stays on top of his chores, at the end of the summer he will get a Wii. He has done an amazing job. He works so hard cleaning and organizing his room, even with a pesky three-year-old sis who likes to take out every toy that is put away. We love you like crazy Nonos. Happy birthday big guy!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vitamin E

So far this summer has consisted of rain and more rain.
It has felt more like fall here. We've only turned on our ac two or three times this summer. Every Friday is supposed to be a beach day in our playgroup, but they all have been cancelled due to craptastic weather... Until yesterday. We just soaked in that sunshine. We went to a beach in South Boston called Castle Island. As we drove there the kids were so excited. We were driving through neighborhoods we haven't been to before. I have been a little bored of Boston lately because I have been going the same routes day in and day out. Yesterday we went along the ocean and saw the tall ships and cruise ships. It was fun. Presley kept saying, "I like this place, momma!"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Charlie's big day

Both Noah and Charlie's birthdays land on a Sunday this year. Noah's is this Sunday and Charlie's was last Sunday. It is kind of a bummer when you are out all day the Saturday before celebrating the fourth and forget to run to the store to get stuff for a cake on Sunday! I had a ll the ingredients for an angel food cake with whipped cream, mixed berry topping. It was a hit with Charlie! We also had to use a tea light for his candle. We kept it low key because we are planning on celebrating on a more grand scale while we are in Utah surrounded by little cousins.

Josh had the iphone while I was holding the cake.
Charlie wasn't shy, he just dove right in.

A little about Charlie:
  • He is a climber! Climbing on chairs, beds, stairs, people. He is getting lots of bruises from bonking his head all the time! Just before these photos he was climbing on me and bonked his head on our vicious, textured wall behind me.
  • He is pointing and clapping now. He points to things he wants, things that are exciting, and people he recognizes. It is so cute. On Sunday at church, he crawled a few rows ahead of us, then turned around and pointed at Josh with a giant grin.
  • He loves music and dancing. If I am holding him while music is playing he now expects me to be his dance partner and spin him and sway. He giggles every time. He does the head bob to the beat and claps or drums on things.
  • He is still so chunky and squishy! I love to squeeze him. NO idea how much he weighs at this point, but I know it is a back breaking number.
  • He has such a sense of adventure. I can just tell he is full of wonder and imagination. He makes our family complete.

Our Fourth

We went to a parade in small town Rhode Island with Josh's uncle Mike and family. Charlie was so into it. Presley admired the pretty dresses and Noah was hiding behind trees after nearly having a heart attack from the blasts of the old fashioned army guns!

Charlie was loving his American flag. He was whipping that thing around like a crazy man.

Here's our group in a primo parade watching spot.

This is Josh's cousin, Savannah. From day one of meeting her I always thought she bore a resemblance to Josh. Maybe Presley will look lie her in ten years.

Then we had the massive water balloon fight in Cumberland. It gets more and more brutal every year!

We drove home and saw fireworks over the city as the kiddos slept. They had glowing necklaces and bracelets, it was like a rave in the back seat!

Our anniversary on Friday was really fun. We ate at Cheesecake Factory and finally got to try the avocado egg rolls. I was in heaven. Now we are getting ready for our trip to Utah. I can't wait. As I am scrubbing the house, I am fantasizing of a dishwasher somewhere in my future. Washing in the sink is soooo getting old. All our neighbors with kids moved away now and things are pretty quiet around here. I'll have to post Charlie b-day pics next! Busy, busy. Gotta love July in the Plant fam.

Sunday, July 5, 2009