Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Music Memories of my brother

One of the things I remember most about my brother, Shannon was the music he listened to as a teenager. When I hear any of these songs I instantly think of him. Tears for Fears is a big one:

I think my brother got this Metallica tape when it first came out. I remember the lyrics were so clear! I thought this was total rebel music, now I laugh because I remember singing along all the time!

Last but DEFINITELY not least, WHAM! with "Wake me up before you go go!!" Total head to the beach at Santa Monica music. I was so in love with GM as I was with Shannon's best friend, Anthony Hernandez who at the time I thought looked a lot like ol' George. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Park City Weekend

We went to Park City for Conference weekend and stayed at a fun Condo. We got the condo because Jason's boss wanted to thank our family for helping Justin and Jason out at work. I love our family. So glad to have them and that we have each other's back whenever anyone is in need.
Our first family photo as a family of six!
 Cousins are the BEST!
 At the Olympic Winter Park Training Center
The hecklers/cheerleaders for the Olympic trainees
Park City Resort in the fall. So pretty!!
 Lots of chairlift rides to admire the sights

Fun at the Condo
 Cousin love
 Ready to ride the Alpine Slide (Presley had to pee so bad so I think she went down the fastest! ha ha!)

PC Main Street
Going up the mountain for the Alpine Coaster

Shannon Wilder Berry 1968-2013

On Sunday, November 29th, I got a call from my dad and found out that my brother, Shannon had passed away. I was so sad to hear the news. We don't know many details right now. We know Shannon was homeless and that he was in Northern California.A police officer called my dad and said they are going to do an autopsy and mail him all the information. 

I am so sad I never had the chance to get to know him as an adult. His life was very difficult and it made it hard for anyone to get close to him. He was 10 years older than me. I remember him most around the age of 18 which I am pretty sure is this photo:
 This one is age 14:
 I found a bunch of albums and there are a handful of motorcycle photos of Shannon. Mom wrote that Shannon loved to ride them.
 We had lots of photos of Christmas and birthdays. Shannon was only 44 when he died. I am deeply saddened that he had to go at such a young age. It seems that he could never get his life under control. I am hoping that we can find out a lot more in the coming weeks. I am pretty sure my brother struggled with addiction, just like my mom. 

 Here are my mom and Shannon. I am glad they can be reunited without having the physical limitations their bodies gave them on earth. I love them both and always will.