Saturday, November 19, 2011

Light it Up Like it's Dynamite!

Presley's grade had a little talent show pot luck last night. Charlie's talent was sleeping through the whole thing! Presley dances with her buddy Ella. They practiced from Just Dance 3. Check out that movement!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dear Fall,

We are getting ready to say goodbye to you. Thank you for showing your colors for so long this year. 

 We will be thinking of you when we are buried in snow. 
Our street is so pretty right now. It seriously feels like a movie set around here sometimes. The colors almost look fake! Today was a good day to enjoy time outside. Presley, Charlie and I went to New Hampshire on Saturday and saw that all the leaves are brown up there now. It's like looking into our future! We had fun doing photo sessions and visiting old friends. Noah and Josh had some quality time together. They got lost in the mall parking garage (together!) and ate out at CPK while positioning themselves to watch the football game. It was a good day.

We are now prepping for a busy week of parent teacher conferences, cub scouting (did I tell you I am the new cub scout master??--any advice would be greatly appreciated), packing for a big Thanksgiving road trip to sunny Florida, babysitting, photo shooting, flyer/poster making, joy schooling, missionary hang outs, visiting teaching, 1st grade talent showing, potlucking and that's it.  Sounds like a typical week. Can't wait for a big break. Turkey Day here we come!

P.S. Did you notice I got rid of my music on here? I know some of you are probably breathing a huge sigh of relief :) But if you're like me and like to turn up my blog to clean the house, check out my PLAYLIST button on the right -------------------------------------------------------------------------> (and up^)
I added that new catchy Weezer song to sweeten the deal.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dish Duty

I had to share this cute video of Noah and Presley doing dishes. They had no idea I was filming. Presley was having a blast. Listen to her chipper little voice! "The kids at school wash and play, all through the town..."

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is Halloween, this is Halloween

Charlie definitely had the most Halloween activities out of the three kiddos. Between Joy School, play group and wearing costumes to the Children's museums, I can't believe his Target costume held up. First was the Joy School Party:
 Even Batman needs to pick his nose from time to time.
 REALLY cute. Thanks Jenn for the photos!
This year we carved pumpkins with our German neighbors who had never done it before. We did it a little late in the evening so we had a few crying meltdowns, but our jack-o-lanterns turned out cute:).
Here is Charlie with our neighbor Tilly. These two really loved the pumpkins!
 Noah did everything himself. He spent so much time carving away with the safety knife. I couldn't let him use any of our scary serrated kitchen blades. I myself am barely safe with those!
Noah did a great job! He mad a pirate with an eye patch. Presley and I made the witch, but we had to perform a little nose job on her. She still looks great, eh?
Cousins Porter and Elinor came to visit us for the weekend. We did as much as we possibly could in a three day period.
We went to Salem to visit the witch museum, go to haunted houses, and eat carnival food...
We went to gorgeous Walden Pond where Porter took our family pictures for us...
PK and Elli were besties:)
 The highlight was taking to the cobblestones and trick or treating in Beacon Hill.
 We had Batman (Charlie), Ariel (Elinor), a dead princess (Presley), and a skeleton knight (Noah)-my older kids like to be scary!
Serious business
It was so late by the time we got home-or at least it felt so late, we all went straight to bed before looking through the candy. Before school yesterday, Noah made his tallies. I don't dare sneak pieces of candy from his bucket. I'm sure he has a mental list of how many of everything he has!