Thursday, November 26, 2009

Howdy Pilgrim!

I need to document so many things that happened in the last few days. Stuff that is oozing with cuteness. I will start with our Thanksgiving in Rhode Island at Josh's Uncle Mike's. It was so fun and filled with something for everybody. Savannah did crafts with Noah and Presley and fed Charlie Oreos. They were all in heaven!

A quick little Noah side note- We had his parent teacher conferences last week and his teacher was so impressed at what a conscientious little guy he is. She said that he is kind and courteous. He gets super focused on tasks and does them so carefully. Josh thinks it's like his dad and I think it's like my dad too! We are so proud of this guy.

Playing the dance revolution was a hit!

Then right after finishing out fabulous Thanksgiving meal, it was time to bust out the Christmas decor! Charlie was so mystified.

This is in reverse order, but yesterday we had a Thanksgiving Joy School at my house. We had a mini feast and made turkeys out of apples, cornbread, and Pilgrim hats. Presley helped with the planning. She loves being in charge of Joy School. Then when class actually starts at our house she insists on "helping" me by cutting random papers or organizing plates off to the side while the rest of us have a lesson!
Here is one cute Pilgrim!

At first our boy Pilgrim hats looked like Pope hats, but my friend Kirstin figured it out and got the last hats to look cute:).

Then what is a post without a Charlie update? I forgot to mention a month or so ago that Charlie has now decided he likes books. It seemed like he hated them before, but now he loves to turn the pages and look at the pictures. He even mumbles the story in Charlie speak. This little turkey also figured out that he can push a chair up to something so that he can get into more mischief. He is not into his high chair for the most part these days. He likes to be like his big brother and sit at the table for meals. I allow it when I have the patience (rarely-I'm awful!!:)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blogging about blogging

After my last entry on putting yourself out there, I thought I'd share this little nugget I found (in case you were interested):

(click to enlarge-wait, it doesn't get bigger, just squint, ok?)

Friday, November 20, 2009


For family night the other day we made a thankful tree. Everyone wrote on leaves things they are thankful for. Even Charlie did a leaf (see yellow with green marker). He may or may not have chewed off the tip of the green marker afterward. Presley liked to make up words and see if we could sound them out (see almost all orange pieces of paper), and Noah made a shark and said he is thankful for animals. Also he wrote in pencil on the green leaf that looks blank that he is thankful for legos!

With our highly textured walls we had to hang it up on the moulding. Check out that cheese grater texture, yeah!

One thing I have been thinking of as a mom and an artist is that I am thankful for people who put themselves out there. I know plenty of moms who have talent, but they never get up the nerve to show it to the world. I love etsy and blogs and the opportunities they give people (especially us stay at home moms) to showcase and even profit from some of our talents! It can be scary to put yourself out there to face judgment and criticism. I am inspired by those who go for it and open up an etsy shop, start a photo blog, or even get something creative going that they are willing to share with the rest of us. Here are some that I check out to name a few:


Thanks ladies, you are such an inspiration!
So if you haven't already, put yourself out there. What have you got to lose?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Straight "consistentlies" Whoohoo!

Noah came home with his very first progress report. In first grade they don't have A's and B's, check it out:

So proud of this little guy! I helped out in his class today and first grade is a lot tougher than kindergarten. The teacher seems to expect a lot, but doesn't make the kids feel stressed about it. It's exciting to see Noah's progress in this environment.

Don't forget Miss Press! She went on a date with Josh to Burger King the other night. She was so excited.

Then there's Charlie. He made mess after mess yesterday and fought his nap till I let him hold the light saber. Then he sweetly fell asleep, holding said light saber! So cute!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have a friend who works for the Cambridge Public Library. They just completed a huge renovation project and needed models for some signs in the building and for some marketing. My friend gave us a call and Noah and Presley got to get their pictures taken. They just opened the doors to the newly remodeled library and lo and behold, there is Noah on the cover of a brochure!

There is also a big sign in the Children's section for the reading room that has a picture of Noah and Presley with a group of other kids, being read to. I will have to get a photo of that to post.

Speaking of fame...I have been meaning to write about how this cute little boy at church thought Noah was actually Super Why! He kept calling Noah "Wyatt" which is Super Why's real name and telling his mom to check out Super Why.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The best thing about fall this year is that the weather has been fabulous! We have been able to spend a ton of time outside. I just recently got a new Nikon D300 and have been having fun playing around with it. Josh too! I now feel like a professional since I finally have the professional grade camera.

Aren't I a great model!! Ha! We were working on manual focus which Josh is convinced is what all the pros use. So HARD! Hence the out of focus shots!

Presley lives in these pearls. I have to take them off her in her sleep. We have this tiny play structure behind our apartment that fits the bill from time to time. Charlie just loves being outside. He is so done being the baby.

Noah is on a football kick. Josh and him watch and play it together. Noah loves it and Josh is living his dream! Finally a buddy to cheer along side him in front of the tv.

here is Noah about to make a big catch.

Charlie is doing all sorts of awesome little things. He is such a climber! He and I play together while Presley is in Joy School. It is so fun to focus on him for that time and watch all his cute little mannerisms. He throws his head back when he laughs to copy me, he knows how to pucker up for kisses now, he likes to hold multiple sippy cups in his arms and walk around the house with them with pride. He is also eating some items on his own with a spoon which is so hard to watch, but brings him so much joy! He makes some great messes.

Splashing in the water!

He knows how to work the camera.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Love this photographer...

...but her story is even more captivating. I can't even imagine the loss Sheye Rosemeyer has experienced. Check out their story on her blog.

(click to enlarge)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A little Inspiration for the day

I've mentioned how Josh's family is just loaded with fun cousins all around our age. Well did I also mention that they all have cool talents and are such an inspiration. One cousin-in-law, Karli who is currently living in Buffalo while her hubby, Pace is in dental school just started her own digital scrapbooking kits! If you see Karli's home, you instantly know she is a creative genius. Every detail is just awesome. Check out her blog.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween! We had a great one. The weather was an unheard of 72 degrees!! I was wearing shorts for my nerd costume. Halfway into trick or treating we realized Presley was shoeless (her dress was so long we couldn't see her feet). We just stuck around our neighborhood and got to meet some really nice neighbors. We trick or treated till the bags got too heavy to carry! Noah's costume is a Star Wars character that I don't know. Anytime we passed other little boys, they knew exactly who Noah was. "Hey there's Max!", they'd say. Then other Jedi costumes would form an alliance with Noah on the street. Too funny.

WE also went to a fun BBQ at my friends' house. I wish I took more pictures. Too busy enjoying my night:) Here is Josh as my handsome geek partner. He joked that not much changed from his normal attire. Hmmm.