Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The End of an Era...

Grandma Burnidge passed away very early Sunday morning. We are very sad to lose such a wonderful person. Josh flew out this morning to Arizona for the funeral and to be with family. I wish I could be there to give everyone a big hug. I only knew grandma for six and a half years, but I have so many wonderful memories of her. I also knew how much she impacted Josh which meant a lot. I printed out some posters for the funeral for Josh to take with him. I added my comments and thoughts:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Scientist

Josh and I have been IMing while he is working on a paper for his qualifying at the giant old library on campus. Here is the picture he sent me:

A day in the life of Josh. Who says science guys can't be hotties?
One reason I love him is because yesterday I waited in the car, nursing Charlie while josh took Noah to the park. In the corner of my eye I noticed a "larger than kid" sized figure at the top of the giant jungle gym. I can honestly say Noah had the funnest dad at the park that day.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A blessed man!

Charlie had his baby blessing at yesterday. It was so sweet and special. In the blessing he was blessed to be an example to his family and to serve the Lord all his life. I love that. It pretty much covers everything in that statement. I tell you, with Charlie being child number three for us, it's harder and harder to hear a baby blessing. If it wasn't a fruit snack wrapper rattling in my ear it was little questions like"is that dadddy praying?" Josh said when he opened his eyes after the prayer, he looked down and Charlie had a big smile on his face. What a sweatheart. Josh's uncle Mike was able to be there to participate and we invited three neighbor families to church with us. It was so nice to have their moral support and lots of fun to have my friends with us at church. We totally missed our family for the special day, but we made sure there was a part of them there. Charlie wore an outfit home made by my big sister Susan for Noah. PK wore a dress from my other big sister, Shelley and Chralie was wrapped in a blanket beautifully made by Josh's grandma. Noah wore something from my dad and his wife also. Then of course Charlie was blessed with his full name Charles ALAN Plant after Josh's dad, Al. Afterwards we had a luncheon at our house. Josh only made it for the end because he had all sorts of church meetings with his new calling. We are bracing ourselves for a really busy semester.
Savannah with Presley and Charlie

Aunt Ruth and Charlie. I had so much help keeping the little guy entertained.

I put up a clothes line of black and white photos of Charlie to hang over the lunch table.

Lots of fun, but I'm glad it's over with. It was such a special experience to look back on. It is so crazy to think that this time last year we were toying with the idea of having a third child and now he's here and almost 15 pounds! It's so surreal at times. I feel very lucky. It was all meant to be.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Little Things

My week consisted of a bunch of little happy moments. Yesterday I sat with Noah while Charlie and Presley slept and we played some Lego Star Wars on the "Wii" {Noah thinks we have a Wii but it's actually a used old Nintendo game cube}. I realized that is the best way to talk to Noah about his day aand things he's into. By the way we totally beat the space fighter level!
Josh had a busy week with a presentation in the lab on Friday and the start of his new class he TAs which consists of a large group of grad students. Thursday night even though we were exhausted we stayed up till 10:30 (party animals) and worked on his presentation. I scanned his western blot images while he put together power point slides. Go team Plant! It was nice to have some of my computer art skills come in handy for my science guy. I wish he needed more homemade posters for projects. Darn!

Today was Noah's first day of soccer. It was actually action packed. The kids kind of "got it". We lucked out with a strong team for Noah. As Josh and my dad would put it, it's not how you play the game, it's winning! Yay sportsmanship! I think the other parents were too shy to cheer loudly. I guess in sports, most of my shyness disappears. I am one of the few who love to cheer. A lot. Poor Noah.

Noah really got in there and played tough.

Presley was happy on the sidelines as long as she had some Gatorade in hand.

On a humbling note we are praying real hard for Josh's grandparents who are struggling in the battle with Grandma B's cancer. Cancer is definitely not for whimps. We're thinkin' of you guys.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Summer is gone!

It really feels like summer is over for us. The air is getting more crisp and those lazy summer days are long gone! We are waking up at 6 am these days. I keep freaking out that I am going to be late taking one of the kids to school. Presley's school starts at 8 am across town and Noah's is at 9 am just a mile from our house. After I drop Noah off I just have about an hour and a half till I need to leave and get Press. It's crazy! I am enjoying the extra time alone with the new guy, though. Charlie is pretty good on all our errands. He's getting real used to the car seat. The temps have been in the 60's lateley so Chuck wagon got to sport some of his cute warmer clothes.

I have chatted breifly with both kids' teachers since the start of school and both seem well adjusted to the new routine. Noah will be staring soccer this Saturday and Presley I'm predicting will be crying on the sideline, wanting to join in.

I've got to come up with a plan to keep Presley occupied.

Friday, September 5, 2008

2 months old

This handsome little dude is now two months old!!

Can you believe it? Here are the stats from his appointment yesterday:

wt:14 lbs 2.6 oz

ht: 1'11.25"

Charlie is smiling a ton now and coos and squaks at us! He has this cute little breathing in laugh. All we need to do is make eye contact and he's smiling. He really goes crazy when we touch his cheeks. He is super ticklish on his sides and feet. Now he is grabbing things that touch his hands and loves to hold on to my shirt while nursing. It is so adorable. Yesterday was the mother load of immunizations. Three shots. I was so heart broken because after Charlie's nap his little thighs were so tender. He just wanted to be held real close, crying non stop if he was in a different position. He didn't even want to eat or smile. So sad. Luckily we got our happy little dude back today.