Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Charlie on Video!!

This is from probably around May 2012 when we still lived in Daybreak and Bossy was more puppy like (soo cute!):

This was just the other day in Denise's back yard. Charlie was first scared of this swing, now he is obsessed with it!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

July Birthday Luau

Since we lived in an apartment complex that had a fabulous pool, game room, and theater room, we decided this year to have a luau birthday party for the three kiddos. It was so much fun!! Thank you dollar store for providing perfect luau props :)

 Love these guys!

 Such a treat to celebrate with family!

 Denise made the awesome Hawaiian volcano cake!

We had a photo booth of course. I loved it, but I think I'm officially sick of photo booths!:)

I love what good sports everyone was. Hee hee.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Art Curriculum!

As you may know, I have been working for the past six months at a preschool/daycare as an art teacher. You can see the cool video of me here. It has ben a fabulous experience. I really loved working there. It was such a great transition from being mainly a stay at home mom. Charlie got to come to work with me and go to his own preschool class. Then I got to move around from class to class with my art history/technique lesson. The kids were so cute and always made me feel like the most fun person around! :) Since we are moving to Provo, I got a new teaching job down there (mainly working one on one with kids in reading, but I will also be doing art as the semester gets underway).

As a way to keep track of all my art lessons, I am putting together an art curriculum blog. Since I taught such young children, these lessons are very simplified, but can be adjusted for older age groups. Check out my blog and hopefully you can be inspired for projects with your kids at home :) Go to 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

We're Getting a Sister-in Law!

So we threw her a CUTE bridal shower!! Josh's youngest brother, Justin will be getting married to Hailie in a couple of weeks and we are all so excited. Here are some photos from the shower. Her colors are Blue, Gold, and blush. We focused on the blue and gold for the shower.

First here are the invites I designed:
 Now for the shower:)
We were going for a shabby sheik look
We did a lemonade bar

Here is Hailie and her little sister, Makenna

 AMAZING homemade peach ice cream and homemade Giradelli Chocolate. So delish.
And of course a photo booth!
Advice or a message for Hailie


 PRESENTS! The gift theme was "fun for Justin and Hailie". They got lots of games, movies, candy, etc. We went in with Annalee and got them a tent for camping. They also got Marshmallow guns:

They had to get excited over a water filter from Hailie's mom
 They had to wear the bows and Justin decided to make one into Hailie's garter. Aren't they CUTE?
 Then a super special gift for the grand finale. Grandma Burnidge found out she had cancer a few years ago. She was an excellent quilter and sewer. Her tradition was to make all of her grandkids a quilt for when they each got marries. When she found out she had cancer and was losing her battle with it, she worked very hard to quickly make quilts for the remaining unmarried grand children. She passed away a couple of years ago. TK brought out the quilt she had made Justin and his future bride. We all had tears in our eyes. Grandma would have been so happy for Justin.