Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oceanside Beach House Vacay

So we had been planning for over a year and a half to do a big fun family vacation to a beach house in California. I think we started planning this before we even moved to Utah. In the beginning of May we left for the trip after so much anticipation. I don't know who was more excited, the adults or kids. We all were in huge need of a get away. We took three cars, Ours, Jason and Jennie's van, and GRANDMA'S CONVERTABLE!! That caused some debate since the convertable couldn't hold much luggage. I thought bringing the convertable was sooo worth it. Grandma fought for it and won! That is something I love about Al, he knew TK was so excited about taking her grandkids for rides in it, that he didn't fight it. Here are some car pics:

 When we finally got to the beach house we could not believe our eyes! It was an incredible place. Those with kids stayed on the beach level, the older people stayed on the upper levels. We each had our own bathrooms and plenty of space to relax, run around, make noise, or have privacy. It was ideal. Then there was the ocean view. Holy cow. It was amazing!!
Here is Charlie standingin front of the Beach level window. We were right on the beach!!

 The beach had hardly any people on it where we were too. So fabulous!
Josh and the kids instantly fell in love with boogie boarding and body surfing. I was beaming! I didn't want to risk getting too jostled by the waves so I stuck to life guarding and sand crab hunting. I was glad Josh had Bubba to keep him company, though.

Beach belly at 26 weeks. Josh said that I popped out on this trip. I think I agree!! 

 It was sooo convenient too that the beach house had two hot tubs. One at the beach level, perfect for little ones to warm up in, and one on the roof for older kids to avoid getting splashed.
(I am not really all the way in the tub, just my legs)
The weather was cooler on our first few days. It was still so refreshing and relaxing. Charlie never noticed how hard he was shivering after he got wet!!
I thought it was so fun how we took turns being in charge of meals. Josh and I had a beach day lunch and the departing breakfast. We went low key and set out sandwich fixins and chips and then cereals on our last day. Mike and Ruth were in charge of dinner on Cinco de Mayo. they made us a Mexican Fiesta. Pinata and all!
 More to come, stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


So much has happened in the last few weeks!! For the month of April, Charlie and Noah participated in Provo City Soccer. This was Charlie's first time being on a team. 
He totally loved it too. He had an awesome coach who was so good with the kids. Noah had a great time as well.

He had a bunch of talented hard working players on his team that made it really exciting for him. His coach was a little rough around the edges, but we were able to work with it! 

Josh celebrated his 33rd birthday in April.
It doesn't look it, but I promise he was really happy! It was fun to be together with so much family.
It felt like a special one to be because I couldn't help but reflect on the year we had and the ups and downs. I also thought about all the exciting things that this year will bring. I am so super proud of Josh. He has been working at Zija for about 9 months now and is totally thriving. I am so happy he is in an environment where he is appreciated and where he has good friends. Josh is also excelling a great deal in the company. He just got a big raise yesterday and was offered shares in the company a few months ago. His position is called Director of Research Sciences. He is referred to as Dr. Plant and has a following of distributors that shower him with questions and praise! He is currently on a flight to Japan for a week long trip to meet some of their top distributors and to speak at their convention. In April I actually got the chance to fly with Josh to the San Fransisco area for one of his work trips. 
He introduces himself to big groups and speaks a lot about his family and how much we supported him through all the years of schooling. It is really touching and sweet. Also so good to hear ;)

We had the chance to go to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point as well. I took some family photos for my friend Darby and her family who was visiting from New Hampshire. Charlie, Denise, and Jack got to tag along. 

 Love this cute little guy!
As we are wrapping up the school year, the kids are helping each other get through it. Noah is awesome at helping Presley with her homework.
Melts my heart!

Of Course we had another birthday! We celebrated Makayla's 10th at her house in the form of a fun family dinner. It is so so nice to live close to everyone!

I'll have to start chatting about May in the next post! So much to tell about our glorious family vacation. WE. HAD. A. BLAST!!!!