Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Family Portrait Outtakes 2013

I always have a new found sympathy for my photo clients after we get our family pictures done. Just twenty minutes prior to this shot, Mabel was crying uncontrollably from being stuffed into long skinny tights that are the complete opposite of her body type (hee hee) and layer upon layer of clothes, Charlie was putting up a major fight about the brand new jeans that he wore one day to school and decided he hated, and we all piled into two cars with no clue of where to go to take these photos! Mabel cried her little self to sleep when we reached this PERFECT field by our house in West Provo.

 We decided to forgo a professional photog this year and have Denise snap some shots for us. Can you tell by my face that I just got done telling her exactly what I wanted her to do? all in all, I am excited about how our photos turned out. I can't wait to get my cards printed. Just waiting for Josh to read through it when he returns from the land down under! Thanks a million, Sis!! (She not only took the photos, but she helped dress kids and negotiate for smiles!!)--We squeezed at least a smirk out of Char char :/

Love this boy (and his dog). Noah has been doing double the school work as he tests to get into a special program at school. He doesn't complain a bit. Noah has such great life goals. He is saving for a mission and college. He is tender hearted and a tremendous leader.
We got some bad news about a family member yesterday. I told the kids on the way home from school that we will be going over to that family members house to cheer them up and be there for a blessing. When we got home Noah said, "we should all pray for them right now, Mom." So Noah, Charlie, Presley and I knelt down in our front room and took turns saying our most heart felt prayers. I was so humbled to hear my babies' pleas to their Father in Heaven. I am so grateful to have such special spirits in my life.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

3 months old

 My big girl is three months old now!! I can't believe it. I want to congratulate Mabes and myself for getting through what I think is the hardest part of the baby stage: the newborn phase.

At three months old things are easier because:
  • You sleep 5 hours straight through the night
  • We figured out how to soothe you when you are fussy better. You haven't even been very fussy lately anyways.
  • You have three big naps in the day.
  • You have gained weight successfully and seem to be such an efficient eater. You fill up your tummy in five minutes!
  • Now your movements are slowly getting more fluid. You have discovered your hands and feet and reach for those toes when you lay on your back. You also examine your little hands just a few seconds before trying to fit a whole fist in your mouth!
  • You love locking eye contact with people. You smile and laugh every time. 
  • You have noticed your reflection in the mirror and I think you like what you see! hee hee. 

Mabelina, Mabes, Mabie Baby, Mae, Monkey, Mabeline, and Madame M are your current nicknames. My favorite part of the day is being the first person you see when you wake up in the morning. Your whole face lights up when you see me and you kick those little legs like crazy. You are the love of our lives and we still fight over who gets to hold you.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mabel's Baby Blessing

Yesterday was Mabel's baby blessing

 Josh blessed Mabel to someday serve a mission. He blessed that she may always understand her unlimited potential as a daughter of God. That she would know that God loves her. That she knows that we will always love her. 

Hailie is always first in line to hold Mabes.
 We had tons of people over afterward for the blessing for sweet pork burritos. I stayed up till 2 am getting things ready for it. Thank goodness it was Daylight Savings. We got an extra hour of sleep before our 10 am meeting with the Stake president. It was also the first snowy morning of the season.
 Grandma TK said it was so sweet to hear the name Sonya in the blessing. I bore my testimony afterward and talked about the song we sing in Primary called "Build an Ark" and how it teaches that the Lord will help us through our trials if we are obedient and prepare for adversity like Noah. I mentioned that it is a given that we will all face trials on this earth. This is what we signed up for. The wonderful thing is that these are opportunities to grow closer to the Lord and that we always have him there to lean on.
We are beyond blessed to have sweet little Mae in our family. She has been everyone's baby. All the cousins take turns holding her. Nobody has super strong arms our of the little girls, but somehow they are able to hold Mabes for hours!! Mabel even plays a big role when the cousins play house. She gets to play the baby! They all took Mae upstairs and put her down for a nap and took such great care of her.
  Mabel is easier and easier to predict. I have now figured out what her signals are for being tired and having a full belly and needing a dipe. I just stare at her amazed that she is here and so so happy about it. Life is good :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Party 2013

Another great party this year at Denise and Aaron's. We had 98% in costume!

Forest Gump

'The Situation gone wrong" and a devil

Black Cat and Medusa

Crow and Pilot

Fox and Two Face
 Snow Wolf
 Hipster and Lady Bug
 NBA player



 Egyptian Princess

 Elephant and Cow
 Dead Brides
 Flight Attendant and Pilot


 Tired Bug