Sunday, July 21, 2013


We just wrapped up another crazy string of Birthdays. Now that it's after midnight, Presley's birthday is over. We decided this year for the birthdays we would save presents from us and give them to each kid the morning of their actual birthday. Then that day we would do something special like a movie or a sleep over. We had one big party for all three kids again this year. 
Since Presley had been showing interest in reptiles, I was thinking of having a snake and reptile party with real snakes and reptiles, but it had been so super hot, I thought we really needed a water-centered activity. I decided on a beach theme since that has been what the kids really have loved about this summer. We rented a bounce house water slide and that took care of entertainment. 
Here are the invites I designed:
Josh wanted to keep it simple so for decor, I printed out a bunch of my favorite beach photos of the kids from this summer. I made a clothesline/bunting out of the pics and some scrapbook paper.It really had a nautical feel to it.
I had to make some birthday notes on my chalk boards of course.
Sadly, my iphone didn't do these scenes justice.The food and decor were really pretty.
Especially when it came to my sister's amazing cakes:
Noah requested chocolate, Presley got the frilly cake with a cherry chip center, and Charlie got the ombre cake with nutella and strawberries in the center! 
The grownups couldn't keep their hands off the cupcakes.
The bounce house was about 30 min. late. I was sweating bullets over that. Noah would have been mortified if I had to go to plan B, a sprinkler party!! The bounce house fit all age groups with a bball hoop inside and a waterslide out the front. I almost cried when I saw it arrive. Not even sure how many kids we had, but I know it was more than 20!!
We had a lot of excitement at the candle blowing! One of the little flags caught fire during the singing so Charlie blew it all out a little early. The faces kill me!
Another special treat was that Bob and Brittany Turley were in town visiting family. They brought their kids and it was so great to visit with them. Presley gave Ella the biggest squeeze when she saw her. She was ecstatic!
Check out the line for the cake! This gives you an idea of the amount of kids we had. I wish we could have had more. I hate having to leave anyone out. We had to draw the line somewhere, though. 
The cake tasted as good as it looked.
 The girls did a lot of chatting and giggling in the house. You wouldn't think there was a world of fun OUTSIDE. haha! There's Ella!!! 
 I have to say, the day was a hit. all the kids had fun and things worked out in the end. Our house was even finished enough for us not to have to explain what we plan to do with such and such space ever few minutes! Haha!

I have to give the kids props for working so hard to help us clean the house. I can totally rely on Presley to do a fab job with the vacuum. Noah is a master organizer and Charlie is quite the helper in the lawn care department. 
Next on the agenda: a baptism and a baby. I have the option to get induced any time after today. Not sure yet what to do....

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

35 Weeks

Presley helped me get this photo that I always wanted. I got the idea from Pinterest. I think we came pretty darn close.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Coronado Trip

We are were fortunate enough to get to go on a second summer trip to California. Josh had to do work in San Diego for four days and after quite a bit of traveling, really wanted the kids and I to come along. We needed to reconnect. the company Josh was working with put him up in a gorgeous Hotel called the Glorietta Bay Inn on Coronado Island. 
The trip was tricky because Josh had a flight booked for himself and plane fares were just too high for the rest of us. I was trying to recruit someone to come with me, but in the end, I drove the three kids by myself. It worked out well actually. We all got along great and the kids had plenty of room in the car to spread out. I had the radio keep me company while the kids slept and we made it there and back in one piece!!! Very very much worth the trip.
Look how cute these guys are walking down the main drag, Orange Ave. in Coronado. We were looking for dinner in one of the cute restaurants.
Being together made us all reconnect. the kids became best buddies again with each other. It felt like something we really needed.

While Josh worked in the day, the kids and I got to hang out with friends. It was so so fun!!

We even saw a celebrity on the Del Mar Beach! Drew Brees. I totally took a paprazzi pic!!