Friday, January 29, 2010

Cherished Mommy Moments

I'd have to say that some of my most favorite moments as a mom are seeing my kids get along and help each other. I gets me to the core! I really cherish those moments because I whole heartedly admit, they don't happen all the time.

Since Noah's reading has really picked up, we allow the kids to read together on weekend nights after we put them to bed. They LOVE it and totally look forward to it.

Noah is slowly trusting Charlie with the DS. Under strict supervision of course! Charlie is completely grateful. I am realizing we are quite the snuggling family.

Presley put Charlie up on her lap.

Another thing I cherish is getting to help out in Noah's class. Thursday I helped chaperone an ice skating field trip. It was so fun. Noah learned to become somewhat stable on the ice. Much better than the last time he was out. That wall was his best friend!

Here's his class and cute teachers. They all got ribbons for being such good learners.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cape Codder, etc.

Yay! I can upload camera photos again! Two years ago my friend told me about this hotel in Cape Cod that has a wave pool and water slide. We went two years ago and the kids had a blast. We did it again this year with our friends the Stones and their three kids. Definitely even better with friends. We swam and ate, put kids to bed then played games. The next morning we swam some more, then went home. It is a nice little break from the norm. my photos are funky from the steamy air fogging up my lens. Doesn't it look fun?

On the home front, we are counting down to a big trip to Florida to visit my dad and Ruth who now live there during the winter. We will make a stop to visit the happiest place on earth of course. In prep, though, we are getting the kids to do all their chores so we have a sparkling home when we leave. It's amazing what you can get a kid to do when Disney World is on the line!

This what Charlie does when I cook. (For a few minutes)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Quality Time

See that guy with the glasses and the dark curly hair? He is one sought after man in this household. Charlie walks around following him with his arms up wanting to be held. Noah is a beggin' and a pleading to go play football, play chess, play catch, or the DS with this guy. Presley wants to be flipped upside down and twirled around (as long as her undies don't show in the process- she hates that!) This weekend we are going to take this guy hostage and go to Cape Cod. Then in a couple of weeks we will venture down to Florida for some fun in the sun. The best part is we will all be together. Nothing more awesome.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Loving Literacy

Today I took the kiddos to the mall to let them play in the play room they have. Since Noah was out of school for Martin Luther King Day, it was game on for the outings. After lunch we ran into a store kind of like Best Buy in search of a simple usb cord (didn't find one, just those expensive ones you have to sick your memory card in). They had movies there and life sized Twilight cut outs. Presley was inspecting the Jacob, saying mom it's "Jake". Is it sad that my four year old knows that? Anyways, later on tonight I was driving to get Josh from work and Noah says to me, "Mom, did you know there is a movie called, "Booty Call"? I almost died!! I asked him how he knew that and he said he read the title on one of the movies at the movie (usb cord place) store! Needless to say we had a nice little conversation about boys and girls and how boys need to treat girls with respect and that it's never funny to treat a girl bad even if the rest of the world might think so. Noah had no idea what he was in for reading that movie cover!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Remember when...

I am under strict orders by the hubs to update so he doesn't have to see that freaky psychadelic photo anymore! OK. Sadly a certain little angel has once again chewed my USB cord so I can't upload new photos! Ahh to someday have a personal office/studio space...
Until then, you are in luck because I am going through photos of 2007 to make photo books and ohh the cuteness. It sadness my how much I forget from the past! I'm so glad I have these photos to remind me of my tiny darlings. These are all pre- Charlie era. You see enough of his mug anyways, though right? :)

I can't believe how much they have changed, I had a tough day today with PK. She is just wanting to do all the housework right with me and do it without help. I had to have her out of the way for a few minutes so I could work with something hot and she was so upset. I think she is the queen of drama in the afternoons. Just the princess of drama in the mornings. It was a relief to have her sleeping soundly in her bed tonight. Then I go downstairs to get to the laundry and see the PK has neatly folded towels and socks and sorted underwear perfectly all by herself! Man she's a keeper! Drama and all!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fast Friends

Here is Presley and her sweet friend, Ella today at our house during Joy School. I let them play with the photo booth during free time. They were having cute conversations and piling dress up princess gowns on top of their clothes. We are so glad to have little friends like this! This photo style is "beautiful rainbow" according to Pres. She loves the word beautiful and uses it for anything she likes. Last night we had a family night lesson about scriptures and we told family stories that were meaningful. Josh told the story of how he fell in love and married me. (It was a definite keeper of a lesson!!) The cutest part was watching Presley's face light up when Josh spoke so highly of me. Something to remember, we're thinking.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New find- notebook doodles

I just discovered this cool new blog...


some specific favorite doodles


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sassy Girl

Yesterday we spent the morning registering Presley for kindergarten! I can't believe how time flies. She has grown and changed so much since we have been in Cambridge. I think she is going to love school this go around (Preschool at the montessori wasn't a huge hit). I went in to check on her watching her movie and she was wearing sunglasses, holding a purse, my keys, and my cell phone. I love this gal!

Make your own photo booth photos here.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Full-time Job

Otherwise known as keeping Noah/kiddos entertained. When Noah is home from school he seems to have high expectations of what it's going to be like. I think it is partly because he hears about what Presley and Charlie get to do while he's at school and thinks he will get to do all of those things when he is home. He had big plans for his Christmas break. High on his list was a trip to the museum. I was searching high and low for freebies since we are saving up for a trip to Florida in February to visit my dad and Ruth in their winter hibernation spot. Josh spotted an opening on Wednesday afternoons at the Harvard Museum of Natural History where there is no entrance fee for local families. We were there!

These two are so close! Noah gets into Presley's bed every night and reads her stories with a flash light. We peek in there before we hit the hay and they are all snuggled up together. Noah is suddenly so into reading. He was quite overwhelmed about it since he was in kindergarten. All of a sudden it clicked and he is taking off and is so proud of himself. It is the most fun thing to watch. This is why I am loving first grade!

Noah has such a sense of humor! He posed like the monkey without my prompting! He is always making up riddles and knock knock jokes. He wants to invent the tallest bicycle and call it a "high cycle."

I LOVE this museum. a) it's only a few blocks from my house b) it is never crowded c) it's not too big where I am scared of losing a kid c) there are such great stuffed real animals and giant prehistoric skeletons the kids are always entertained.

Charlie ALWAYS says "uh-oh". It is so cute. It's usually when he or I drop something. I can't believe he is already 18 months!

For our other freebie outing we headed to IKEA. Noah and PK were playing in Smalland while Chuck and I romped around in the kids' room displays. Then we had ourselves a free feast. (kids get two meal items and a drink free till mid January). Tacky cheap skate or smart mom, you decide!:)