Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rollin' With My Homie

I am so excited that Mabel rolls with such ease now. Tummy time is a sore subject for Plant babies.My theory is that is the reason I have late crawlers. I think it has something to do with their build as well. Who knows! 
I had to share some photos of the AMAZING quilt Denise made for Mabel. It matches her room perfectly and is so so awesome. I love it! Piecing the triangles must have taken forever. I love how the back is all grey with a triangle strip and the binding is such a cool black and white stripe. D nailed it. I think Mabel likes it too. Thank you so so so much Sis!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had a great Christmas this year! It came and went pretty fast it seemed like. Utah got a ton of snow right after Thanksgiving and people (including us) didn't get a chance to put Christmas lights up. Josh also traveled for work quite a bit in the beginning of December. We did have a chance to make sugar cookies, make gingerbread houses, add to our small decoration collection, and wrap presents before Christmas Eve. Which for me was a lot of fun. Waiting till last minute makes me too tired to enjoy Christmas. I have a photo of the presents at day AND night:).

 On Christmas Eve we went to Ken and Lyn's for a fun family Christmas party. Aaron has his famous homemade egg nog that we love and we seem to always have Wingers chicken wings there. It is also way fun to see all of Josh's cousins, their kids and spouses. We love chatting and letting the kids play. Our kids got anxious to get home and open their Christmas PJ's.
 Charlie and Presley slept in the same bed and woke up multiple times during the night. once at 3 and once at 5. Josh started to get up at 3 then we realized how early it was! Presents for the boys included lots of guns and weapon type toys! Presley asked for lots of bling! She got diamond rings and earrings and a jewelry box that she could paint. Josh got luggage and a shaving kit and I got some cute kitchen things (butter dish, cake stands, dish towels) from Anthropologie.
Mabel was sooo tired. It was a shame to peel her out of bed so early!! After presents we went to Al and TK's for more family fun. Josh and the boys went out with Noah's new bb gun and Pres disappeared to the upstairs and basement with the girl cousins. After Christmas we all passed around a brutal stomach bug. It was nice to get a lot of rest over the break. We are now excited and ready for 2014.

Mabel is 5 months old!

 It is so so fun to have Mabel around!! Mabel is a good little shopper which came in handy over the holidays. I can nurse her anywhere and she does pretty well nestled into the umbrella stroller. Mabes has taken a bigger interest in the dogs that she's surrounded by. She reaches to touch Boston's face any time he comes near. Boss will let Mabel hook her little fingers into his eye lids and everything. He just wants to lick her like crazy. Mabel is very wiggly and getting to be grabbing for things when I am holding her. If she is sitting with me at the computer, she pulls on all the cords and gets them tangled in her arms. Mabel took a pacifier a few times this week and it was so sweet to watch her fall asleep with it in Josh's arms. We tried rice cereal on Christmas morning. Mabel thought it was fun to have this new experience then decided it didn't taste very good. Now she gags when I feed it to her!! We are excited to try some veggies next. Mabel is getting a reputation for being a sweet girl and is definitely a morning person. She actually prefers to sleep in as long as possible, but when she wakes up, she is so chipper. We just adore her so much!