Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mabel is 5 months old!

 It is so so fun to have Mabel around!! Mabel is a good little shopper which came in handy over the holidays. I can nurse her anywhere and she does pretty well nestled into the umbrella stroller. Mabes has taken a bigger interest in the dogs that she's surrounded by. She reaches to touch Boston's face any time he comes near. Boss will let Mabel hook her little fingers into his eye lids and everything. He just wants to lick her like crazy. Mabel is very wiggly and getting to be grabbing for things when I am holding her. If she is sitting with me at the computer, she pulls on all the cords and gets them tangled in her arms. Mabel took a pacifier a few times this week and it was so sweet to watch her fall asleep with it in Josh's arms. We tried rice cereal on Christmas morning. Mabel thought it was fun to have this new experience then decided it didn't taste very good. Now she gags when I feed it to her!! We are excited to try some veggies next. Mabel is getting a reputation for being a sweet girl and is definitely a morning person. She actually prefers to sleep in as long as possible, but when she wakes up, she is so chipper. We just adore her so much!


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