Saturday, August 29, 2009

A little place called Ipswich

The kids and I went up to Ipswich, Mass to visit some friends. We had such a wonderful time. We're so luck to have such great friends here when we live so far from family. Ipswich is the cutest town with charming shops and great landscape. There are rivers and ocean beaches galore. Yesterday the water was so warm to. We walked along the beach in search of sea glass.

Charlie being a big boy with Bodhi
Maria and I

walking hand in hand on the beach

Best buds

flags half mass for Ted Kennedy

I love how Charlies whispy hair blows in the wind.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Love comes in many forms

It's one thing to get a surprise knock on your door and see a familiar smiling face, but quite another when that person is holding before you the most beautiful peach pie you have ever seen...

Thanks Paige. Yes the pie (with vanilla bean ice cream) tasted just as good as it looks.

Guess who is getting into mischief???

Caught ya!

I can't leave this guy unattended for a second. He climbed onto Presley's bed this morning, then onto her desk, then onto the window seal. I gasped and ran over to him. I still love this age though! I can totally see that he wants to communicate with me. He can sign "more" and "bird" now. He points and waves and beckons me. It's so fun to see that little brain at work! He notices so much now. I can't give everyone a popsicle and leave him out anymore. He freaks out! He is even starting to notice the tv (might not be a good thing).

P.S. I just posted some ideas for outfits on my photo blog if you need some help with family portrait clothing choices.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Around Here

We've been hanging out around here lately. Lots of last minute Dentist and Doc visits before school starts. Charlie begs and screams to be let out our back door. He doesn't cry much anymore, just lets out these loud screams to get what he wants! I think I'll have the cries back, please.

Once he gets outside, he is cruisin' for the open gate! That kid just wants to explore. He walks everywhere now. I hardly ever see him crawling anymore. I totally love this stage. He had his one year check up yesterday and his weight is starting to plateau ad he's thinning out. Must be all that exercise. I have to add too that he had blood drawn to check his iron and they couldn't find a vein. They were poking around his little arms and he didn't cry AT ALL!! It was so weird. But cool.

Someday I'll get a picture of Noah making a normal face! He is such a great big bro, keeping Chalie entertained and keeping him safe. I think people get nervous when they see these two together because Noah totally body slams Charlie and plays rough. Charlie loves it, though and wouldn't have it any other way.

For camp we made these flowers for Presley's hair. Thanks to my sis in law, Jennie who taught us how to make these cute things. They are all the rage in Utah and cost an arm and a leg at the mall out there. All you need are fake flowers (I got these from the dollar store) brads, hair clips, and a glue gun.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wrapping Up the Summer

I was just at Trader Joes yesterday and there was a sign the said, "finish up your summer with these recipes." I thought that was so depressing. I LOVE the summer. We had our last day of Kid's Camp for Noah and Presley yesterday. A bunch of moms from church got togther and made up this camp where we all take turns sharing our talents with the kids. Such a great experience, but very exhausting. I taught art and other moms did science experiments, cake decorating, nutrition, public safety, etc. I'm hoping to get some pictures from the day I taught from another mom. I was way to busy to get my camera out.
Our Utah trip was so wonderful. It got us refreshed for the daily grind back here in Boston. We also started to see more light at the end of our schooling tunnel as Josh met with some Bio tech companies out west. We are thinking Josh will graduate in the summer of 2011. Exciting stuff.
I wish I had more time to write, but hungry kids are beckoning their favorite chef! I'll leave you with some family photos of the kids with cousins and grandparents. I'm loving the blues and whites with the Utah summer backdrop.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

photo update

Josh is out on a guys night with his brothers so I am enjoying my little self going through the first week of pictures from our trip. Wanna see?:

Charlie's first real hair cut:


Celebrating three birthdays at once. Josh's brother's wife Jennie arranged for us to have this awesome water bounce house for the day. It was perfect.

I just checked the time and I need to get to bed!!! I posted lots more pics on facebook if you'd like a peek. Add me as your friend if you haven't already. TTFN.