Friday, January 30, 2009

End of the week update

Here is a little something to make you smile:

Noah's pictures crack me up. Love these kids.

I am still working on all the tricks of the Mac world. I have also entered the wonderful world of Google. Now a gmail user (take note if you email me- same beginning with gmail in the end instead of hotmail:) using Google Reader- more often, and finding all the shortcuts to photo uploading in photobucket and flickr. Now I'm working on photo editing in photoshop vs. iphoto. When I save stuff in photoshop it is only showing up in my modified folder. If anyone knows what I can do about it, let me know.

On the kid front, I have been running around all week to various activities, trying to keep PK entertained. If we don't get out, the tv becomes too tempting. Today playgroup is meeting at the Children's Museum, but Charlie has been Mr. Congestion for the past week and I think it may be too hefty of an outing for a sickie. Speaking of baby congestion... So I have done everything I can think of for the kid; Vapo Rub on the feet and chest, humidifier full blast in the room, bulb syringe usage-hate that, lots of nursing, lots of naps in the upright position...Am I missing anything? Babies with stuffed noses are so miserable. I want the old Charlie back.

Aside from sickness I have had many things make me smile.
  1. Noah singing along to an old English Beat Song
  2. Presley's hair is growing in CURLY, my dream come true.
  3. Charlie will look at the light when you ask him where the light is.
  4. spying on Josh, building towers with Noah.
  5. Having the missionaries drop in to say hi and being able to feed them a yummy meal on the fly.
  6. eating vanilla ice cream with raspberry jam.
  7. laundry being done for the weekend.
  8. the weekend.
  9. a sincere compliment from a friend.
  10. A ballet class for Presley that she is so excited about. I can't wait to take pictures of that!
  11. Noah's teacher at church said he was very helpful and a treat to have in class.

Presley at Open Gym at the local Gymnastics Place.

At his 6 mos. appointment a couple weeks ago, the doc told me to start giving Charlie sippy cups and no bottles. Charlie just thinks it's a new, fun toy. He was kicking his little legs with glee.

PK always wants Charlie on her lap. So funny because he's almost as big as her these days. Noah's really into his Lego Star Wars game here. 
I dressed Charleston as a Michigan ski lift operator "a lifty" for a photo shoot. **Note: lifty attire can also double as "free loader" costume or one who is headed to a Grateful Dead Concert. He sat still if I let him chew on a pacifier.

Monday, January 26, 2009

so much to post...

I have been meaning to post for the last week, but I just can't seem to find the time. Josh and I have made the switch from PC to Macs. We were a part Mac family, but now we are 100% Mac. I am trying to get the hang of this and I'm thinking Macs just might be too cool for me! Actually this old dog is slowly learning the new tricks. I'm so excited to have a more simplified streamlines system.
Another excuse for not posting is that I have been spending my time on Facebook! I never thought I'd get into it, but here I am. The more people that you find on there, the more fun it gets. I used to make fun of the whole updating of statuses (Terese is is now drinking chocolate milk!-exciting stuff) and now I realize, heck it's a lot easier than doing a whole post! 
Lately Josh and I are also addicted to Skype. It seems like a bunch of our family got webcams over Christmas and now we get to see them almost whenever! It is so nice when you're far away from all family. 
I wish I had more time to update, but I have to go grab Noah from school. I will chat more later. Here is Charlie in his new high chair:

he had just woken up from a nap and was sleeping on the side of his face. (no he wasn't beat up!)

Also I visited the most magical place in Cambridge before break, Noah's kindergarten classroom. His teacher is the best and creates the most amazing learning environment. None of us ever want to leave that room!

Presley's ( she always gets to participate when I visit) in the front row and Noah is in the back doing paddy cake as part of the "Mary mack" story Mrs. Abbott was reading. It was so cute.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I just got back from IKEA and I purchased this:

nothing else.
That was my promise to Josh since he hates IKEA so much because everything falls apart. Charlie just needs a place to be put while we are eating dinner. Might as well have him join us! Now that he sits up, this whole new world is opening up to him. Sitting up in the shopping cart, in the tub, and now in a high chair! What an adventure.
I haven't been in bigtime blog mode lately because I have been dealing with this big decision Josh and I made to pull Presley out of her "amazing" daily Montesorri preschool. I am now doing Joy School with her like I did for Noah and the Plant home is much happier:). Tough decision, though. The schedule mainly was the deciding factor. Too early, too often. I didn't love PK's teachers and the program wasn't as awesome as I was expecting. Also Pres seemed a ;little intimidated over there. She was so shy with her teacher. It just didn't seem fun for her. She's only 3, she deserves a little fun at school right? Anyway the decision's made and her new situation makes us happy. Yay!
P.S. Are you as excited as I am to hear from Nie Nie tomorrow?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Charlie is Half a year now!

first order of business: nude photo shoot. The cutest chubby guy around!

Skills Include:

Rolling from all directions in all angles

Grabbing and pinching (with all fingers, not yet in the pincher grasp, still hurts when you pinch, though!:)

disabling anyone who holds you from drinking out of a cup

eating rice cereal and an aray of baby foods

already hating oatmeal

just started making raspberries

sitting up (but you still like to tip over from time to time)

sleeping through the night 30% of the time

Christmas part 2

So much to post about so little time! I need to be unpacking but I am justifying my blogging breaks because it's all I can do when I am nursing:). We had a great time in Utah and now we are back in Cambridge, trying to get into the swing of things again. Highlights of our trip were sledding, eating out, CAFE RIO, playing with cousins, Rock Band on Xbox (Josh is thinking I'm a gamer now, ha ha), shopping, movies, and family parties. Family parties are always double the fun in Utah because it is when Josh's family combines with Denise's husband (Aaron's) family. All the Plant cousins are always a blast. Now that we all have kids it is a pretty wild bunch. Denise and I celebrated our 30th birthday on the the 27th together. We got babysitters and had a day of shopping w/out kids (except Charlie). So fun! Toward the end of our trip Noah got sick and was throwing up, then Presley, then me. I threw up three times the morning of our flight home and by answer to prayers didn't throw up once while traveling. Whew. Thank goodness for Sprite on the plane.

cousin Joelie w/ PK in the background being aloof! I wanted a shot of them together to show the similarities in their looks, but PK wasn't feeling too well that day.

Presley and cousin Bryanna. That Make up kit and the Princess costumes were the highlight for the little girls.

Al and TK's beautiful mountain ridge neighborhood. Their basement apartment has been home to all of the siblings and spouses at one point,

Sledding! Josh slid down on a garbage bag, classy!

The hill was just right for the little tykes.

Even Charlie got in on the action!

Madi and Presley

A snuggly Charlie and me

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas in Utah

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. We are still in Utah enjoying time with family. I didn't mention Utah online because we came out here as a surprise for Josh's mom, TK! We had been keeping the trip a secret since August. It was well worth it. The surprise was so awesome. Everyone stood inside the garage as we stood outside and the door was slowly opened to reveal our little family. We all had tears in our eyes. It was wonderful. Here are somepics of our Christmas so far:

decorating cookies with cousins for Santa


Denise meeting Charlie for the first time. I know, it looks like me!!:)

D and I happened to be wearing almost the exact same outfit when we saw eachother. A twin thing.

Tank snuck in bed with Noah and PK. They LOVED it!

Playing the Wii with Alyssa

our matchy matchy Chirstmas PJ's

Princesses galore at the Plant house.