Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Three Musketeers

Right this second this is what my kids are doing:

So far we have been so busy since school has let out. I can't believe how worried I was about boredom! We are either at the park or the pool or tracking down friends for play dates. Today was a park day and Charlie missed his nap. We just got Barbie 3 Musketeers from Netflix so I popped that in and it got really quiet. I went to check on my three musketeers and they were snuggled close and one was out cold. Pardon Presley's modesty! We're pretty casual at home, keeping cool in the heat ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Pride and Joy

Some time in May Noah's teacher told me that Noah had gotten pretty social in his class. He had finally warmed up to a group of boys who loved to be silly. It turned out to be a blessing and a curse because these boys liked to goof off when the teacher was talking (been there!--definitely Josh too!!). I was thrilled, though that Noah seemed to be happier and feel more comfortable. We had a talk with him about when to be silly and when to focus and kept giving him little reminders. Somehow a little fire lit inside him and he became determined not only to do better, but to win the Student of the Month award, the "Baldwin Scholar". His teacher started telling me that Noah would catch himself wanting to be silly then redirect his attention to his work. He specifically told her, "wow, I get a lot done when I focus!" She loved that! :) Then in Student Teacher Conferences she said that he had made a big improvement and it was so neat to see. Self control is such a hard thing for these little guys. I am the most proud that Noah could change gears when he knew he wanted to be silly. I need to work on that with things in MY life. He set a goal for himself and accomplished it. I'm beaming!

Noah with his wonderful teacher Mrs. McLean. I can't believe how much he learned this year!
*I have to add that Noah was a tad disappointed that this certificate had no monetary value!!

This is at a family breakfast in his class. We came in to find that Noah made a place mat and card thanking me for helping out in his class. Then he was our waiter, serving us breakfast. It was so sweet.

This little girl Alena wanted to get her picture taken with Noah. Noah is like, "I guess."

Popsicle, cupcake and juice party to celebrate summer birthdays! Nice sticky combo for the muggy, hot day! I just wanted to rinse in a cool pond after that. Look how cute his classmates are.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Eventful Week

We are still counting down the days till Noah's out of school. Can you believe it? June is almost over! This Wednesday summer will officially begin in the Plant house. Until then, we are definitely keeping busy.

Our neighborhood has come alive with the warmer weather. All the neighbors seem to come out of hibernation. I have met so many little kids who were born either the same day as Charlie or a day or two apart from him. It's so fun for him to have all these little peers.
World Cup mania has hit Cambridge in full force! Now that we don't have the Celtics to cheer for it's GO USA!! Noah is totally into it. Presley can hold her own too.
One of my favorite things to do here on the east coast is go berry picking. Although once I get there and see how much work it takes to fill those little baskets, I start to second guess myself! I really like to have the kids see where food comes from and how amazing plants are. After spending so much time in the city, it's heaven to see fields and fields of green.
At first Charlie was totally bugged that he couldn't just run all over tarnation. Then he got the hang of picking (and eating) and he was set!

Charlie and the ladies.
Presley was a champion picker. I was wary to give her a basket after she accidentally dumped half my pickings, but she totally came through. I was so relieved. I didn't want to fill that basket myself. :)
Pres and her amiga, Ella.

On Friday Noah's school had field day which was like a carnival all over the school grounds. I went to help herd the kids around and had a blast. Our first station was the dunk tank. Out of all the first graders (and parents) Noah and two other kids were the only ones able to hit the bull's eye! I was so stoked. We were all screaming and cheering. I totally said, "that's my boy!"

THere was a Capture the Flag station and guess who captured the flag? Noah! Seriously, if this kid had a fan club, I would be the president! He thrives in sports and competition. It all just makes him so happy.
If you're ever wondering at what age do kids go crazy with the bunny ears for pictures, the answer is six! Bunny ear circle!!
Here are some of Noah's good buddies from class.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cheap Thrills

We have put a bean bag in our living room since getting rid of our second couch. It has been quite the attraction of all little kids who visit. I think Charlie has learned to count because he stands on something and counts to three till he jumps. Here we gooooo:

1,2, tree!
I got some flowers from my neighbor as a thanks for grabbing her mail while she was out of town. I love how this rose makes my dish doing area smell. Big wide open roses are my faves!
Another thrilling thing around here is that in Josh's love of throwing things away, I gave him permission to toss our beat up coffee table. The one condition was that we get a big rug for the middle of the living room so people can sit on the floor if they want. (Hey, we like our guests to be comfortable!)
Check it out^^ $17 at IKEA.

And here is PK. She's modeling the latest huge fashion trend among the kids over here. That little bracelet on her left arm is called a "silly band" (if you don't know). Kids put like 40 of them on their wrists and when you're not wearing them, they are in the shape of something like a car or dinosaur.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cambridge River Festival, etc.

I babysat for a little guy close in age to Charlie the other day. It was cute to watch the two of them hang out.

Saturday morning I made us a waffle breakfast. Since Charlie is my little tag along in the kitchen, I put him to work. He wanted to help set the table and put out some condiments. He was so proud of the vinegar, cucumbers, and sour cream that he got out all by himself! Prefect things to eat alongside some waffles. :)

We went on a family outing in Cambridge to check out the river festival. In Harvard Square, a chess match caught Noah's eye.

We made it to the river and saw some fun sights and played with toys

They are copying a Georgia O'Keefe painting.
We had some lunch and headed home. It was humid! Also, I guess I'm used to festivals in Utah that really catered to kids, but I was sad to find no bounce house or free crafts for kids. We cooled off at home then went out to test drive a 4 door Jeep Wrangler just for fun. The kids LOVED it almost as much as Josh!! If I were to have money for any graduation gift in the world... Josh would sure deserve this next year!