Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The big news!

 So so excited!! We said we were done, but we were wrong! A lot changes when you settle into a home and stable life. The due date is early August, but we are waiting for the doctor's visit to know for sure. We could have another July baby on our hands!! Just after I found out we were expecting, I was called to be Primary President in our ward. We are going to be busy! But we love it.

Our First Big Trip!

One of the coolest perks about Josh's new job is that they go on trips and cruises to get to know different people in the company. We were fortunate enough to be invited on a cruise the week before Christmas. We flew to Miami and set sail from there. It was so exciting to get on our giant Royal Caribbean boat sans kiddos! After lunch we explored the sip. The upper deck was the best part. The rest of the boat had kind of a casino feel.

 We had a suite with a balcony so we could sit outside our room and check out the view.
Renting a scooter was probably our favorite thing to do on the island. We had death defying adventures!
 One of our hang outs

 Hot guy in the water

 Our last stop was in Key West, Florida for some shopping and exploring. It was such a cute place.
Two happy campers
 We started missing the kids like crazy on day 3 of the 5 day cruise. It was so great for us to spend time together, though. It was more of a honeymoon than our honeymoon (Scottsdale, AZ in the summer if you recall)!

Christmas in Utah

It wasn't hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year. We were surrounded by family and weekend activities to get us so geared up for the big day. One weekend we took the new front runner train from Provo to Salt Lake and went to see the lights at temple square.

 City Creek's lights were really pretty too!

 Family pic in temple square
 Josh's brother, Jason and his family
 Christmas bokeh

We spent Christmas Eve night and morning at our house. Here is Charlie's reaction to his first peek at the presents. This was at 5:30 am!!
 Opening presents!
We had a wonderful holiday!